$200 Gallon Oil is Almost Inevitable At This Point


There’s oil everywhere.   Oil is cheap if it weren’t for all the artificial risk premiums.   When energy is cheap, it’s the little guy worker who benefits the most, and that’s the last thing these folks want.


Why is this somehow a problem? I thought oil was literally, at this very moment, destroying the planet and we need to drastically reduce the consumption (at least the plebes need to, not the elites).

One week Joey B is telling us how bad oil is, won’t drill for it, no pipelines, and then the very next he’s claiming we need low gas prices. And wtf is up with Germany and Europe? I thought they all agreed we don’t need oil, and we have like a year or two to stop using it, whilst the Nordic countries pump it out of the North Sea like crazy, and use it for social programs and lecture everyone how socialism works. I’d really like to see how this all pans out for Joey B and the rest of them, now that they’re going to get what they want.

Could it be Joey B has no idea what he’s even saying.

Is he a logically incoherent imbecile, is he lying? Probably both?


I don’t think this guy has your best interest in mind, just sayin’.

These gas prices are going to destroy the lives of tens of millions of Americans.

Furthermore, every single thing is going to get more expensive, because everything is transported by trucks.

Also, Russia is the world’s biggest exporter of fertilizer.


Chris Black
Chris Black
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