Facebook is shutting down Pinterest-Like App ‘Hobbi’


Hobbi became available in the United States in February this year. The app has only managed to amass 7,000 downloads since then, according to the estimates from a research analysis firm Sensor Tower reported by TechCrunch.

Users gave Hobbi fairly low ratings at launch, deriding it for being unoriginal and derivative, and it continued to garner disapproval due to requiring users’ phone numbers. Now, TechCrunch reports Hobbi’s few users have received a push notification telling them the app will shut down on July 10.

Pinterest Inc. shares dropped at the time of the U.S. launch on speculations that the short-lived Facebook app will provide direct competition.

TechCrunch described Hobbi as a “fairly bare bones app,” saying it failed to do much beyond letting users document their own projects.

On the one hand, it’s somewhat surprising that Facebook’s experimental development wing hasn’t produced more success. In addition to its flagship program, the corporation dominates the social media industry with its Instagram and WhatsApp products.

On the other, the contemporary mobile application marketplace is extraordinarily competitive. The Big Tech giant has taken several significant reputational hits in the last two years. As such, consumers could be wary of sharing more of their information with the company than they had been previously.

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