How to choose the optimal packaging machine


In business, first appearances can count for a lot – and that’s certainly the case if you run a business that is endeavouring to shift products. This is why it is important for each product you stock to be attractively packaged – as the packaging can serve as a crucial marketing tool in itself.

Nonetheless, you should think carefully about the packaging process itself. Often, time is of the essence, and human hands alone just aren’t quick enough to get those items wrapped as quickly as you would like. When this is the case, you ought to seriously consider investing in a packaging machine.

Reasons to choose an automated over a manual packaging process

With a packaging machine at hand, all you have to do is configure it to pack your items in the specific way that you like and then leave the machine to do the job. As it gets to work, you could be easily impressed by its ability to precisely complete complex, repetitive tasks that humans often find onerous.

However, you still need be careful on which type of packaging machine you choose – and that will depend on what items you need to be packed.

What if you specialise in liquid products like spirits, perfumes and liquid soaps?

In that case, a liquid filling machine would be up to the job of preparing those products for sale. One example of a company selling these machines is KBW Packaging, which offers a wide range of liquid filling machines in both automatic and semi-automatic designs.

What if I sell products offered in capped bottles or containers?

Naturally, one packaging issue you have to particularly account for with these products is that, yes, they need caps. This can pose unique problems when it comes to finding a suitable packaging machine. After all, the capping part of the packaging process can’t be omitted.

However, that’s why capping machines, as they are called, were invented. Again, a wide range of these particular packaging machines can be found online. There are many different types of caps, including screw, ROPP, press and trigger caps – so it’s reassuring that there are machines fit to attach any of them.

What if your products have to be labeled?

There are various reasons why certain products need labelling. For example, perhaps there’s just no other practical way for crucial product information to be included on the packaging. Alternatively, you might want to advertise a special promotion but without fundamentally altering your item’s packaging.

Situations like these may make a dedicated labelling machine a wise investment for your business. Furthermore, you can easily order one online that is suitable for your needs – whether the containers you would like to label are cylindrical, conical, oval, rectangular, irregular or unstable.

As a Medium article explains, “good packaging makes the product look attractive to the customer, and this is the best way to promote your product.” This sheds light on why you shouldn’t underestimate how much a good packaging machine could bring to your organisation’s promotional efforts.

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