How to select the right lights for your business


Learn how to enhance your business by selecting the right lighting for your workplace. With just a few subtle changes, you can alter the way your business looks and feels, improving it dramatically.

Make no mistake about it, lighting is a core aspect of your workplace. It sets the mood which can help increase productivity for workers, while also improving the way your business looks to customers. Think about it, a dimly lit office or store does no favors for anyone.

With that in mind, if you want to choose the right lighting for your office, here are some things to consider:

Select the right brightness & color

Before you choose any commercial lights, you need to select the correct brightness and color for your business environment. This can vary based on what you do and what happens where you work. For instance, an office will need bright lighting with a natural color to keep everything well-lit and enhance productivity. By contrast, a restaurant business may want dimmer lights with warm colors to convey a different mood.

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It’s all about considering what mood/atmosphere you hope to create with your lighting. Also, stay clear of lights that are overly bright as they can be a bit blinding. Fluorescent bulbs are actually very good in businesses because they’re easy on the eye and provide a natural color.

Consider the different lighting fixtures

Walk into any business and you will see a whole host of lighting fixtures in use. Some companies will use long bar lights on ceilings, others use LED lights embedded in the roof, while some have a selection of flush mount options. Generally, you should have your primary lighting source on the ceiling as this will light up the entire workplace.

However, you need to think about which fixtures will suit your business. Once more, this depends on what you do and how you brand yourself. If you present your business as premium and high-quality, you may explore more complex light fixtures to align with this image. It also depends on the space available to you. If you have low ceilings, does it make sense to have low-hanging light fixtures?

Don’t forget about exterior lighting

It’s all well and good to choose the right lighting inside your business – but what about outside? There are lots of different exterior commercial lights for you to choose from, and they tend to be placed on the walls outside your business. The idea is to brighten up your workplace when it’s dark. This ensures that your signs can still be seen and that people still spot it when they walk past.

If you neglect the exterior lighting, your business might look like it’s closed when it’s actually open. As such, you may end up losing customers thanks to something so silly!

Overall, choosing the right lights for your business is mainly about understanding your brand & needs. You have to choose the right brightness, color, and style for your specific image. Of course, don’t forget about illuminating the outside of your business along with the interior. Feel free to share any of your thoughts on business lighting and what works best for you.


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