Improving Your Sales Performance As a Startup


New startups are emerging every day in this world of e-commerce and digitalization. This is the decade of The Great Resignation, and entrepreneurship is the latest trend in revolutionizing the world with its problem-solving aspect. However, numerous startups struggle with increasing their sales and improving their revenue past the survival stage. Markets have become very competitive, despite whichever industry you operate in. 

Digitalization has also made many traditional selling methods outdated and even obsolete. Numerous new techniques exist now to help startups increase their sales and scale up their business. If you are an entrepreneur or planning to become one, here are a few ways you can boost your sales to reach the next milestone for your business: 

1. Sales Incentive Program

If you have an established sales department, this might be the right time to design a program that can boost their productivity in generating more leads for the business. You can hire professional sales trainers to help you develop a program consisting of monetary and non-monetary rewards like fringe benefits.

Offering your sales staff other benefits like additional discounts for your product or service, holiday trips, and allowances can incentivize them to improve their sales pitch and generate more leads. Commissions are also a great way to encourage your sales staff to generate more leads, which can help you scale your business.  

2. Encourage Suggestive Selling

Suggestive selling includes accurate product development, as per the customers’ demand, and placement that makes your product visible to the customer and convenient for them to buy it.

You can improve the standing of your product by selling it in relevant local stores and positioning the product alongside related products. For example, if you are selling an electronic item, placing it in the electronic section is advisable to encourage customers to purchase it.

3. Give Away Free Samples

As a startup, your primary aim is to maximize your reach and get market recognition. Especially in a competitive industry, you need to give away free product samples or trials of your services to the potential consumer. This will increase your reach to your target audience and ensure that your product is being used by the right customer who has the potential to become a loyal client in the upcoming years.

Even if the person getting the sample does not return for a purchase, they might pass that product to their loved ones and help you in word-of-mouth referrals. Trying your product out first will give customers confidence in your brand and can help you improve your sales in the longer run.

4. Use Digital Marketing

Attracting new customers is tempting for startups, as growing your customer base can lead to higher revenues, but did you know that acquiring a new customer is five to 25 times more expensive than sustaining the existing customers? It can also be unsustainable, as attracting new customers is way more complicated than retaining current ones.

Using digital marketing by marketing your products online and on various social media platforms can help you encourage your existing customer base to make repetitive sales, which can help your business grow sustainably. You can outsource the task of promoting your product online mediums by hiring an expert digital marketing agency. This will help you focus more on the creation of the product and help you optimize your working hours. 


E-commerce has boomed, especially after COVID-19. This includes selling and marketing your products online and increasing your overall customer base while retaining existing clients. You can leverage existing data from previous sales records and curate loyalty programs and other incentives for your existing customers.

You can resort to digital marketing and sales incentive programs and help your business generate new leads. Boosting your sales requires consistent effort, and we recommend you evaluate your sales each season to check your progress. 

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