Japans Theme Park Reveals Worlds First Life-Size Godzilla

Japanese theme park reveals first-ever life-sized permanent Godzilla statue in the city of Kobe.


Japans theme park revealed the world first permanent life-sized Godzilla statue in the city of Kobe

The statue got installed on the Awaji Islands theme park in the city of Kobe. It is believed to be one of the largest statues measuring 75ft (23m). Visitors are also provided the opportunity to take a zip line inside the Godzilla’s mouth.

Production companies believe this to be one of the most colossal sized Godzilla and can be used as the best source to attract viewers and visitors.

It was intended to be designed as 50m tall Godzilla, but after last year’s movie king of Godzilla, the size was increased to 120m.

This new attraction on Awaji Island is much smaller than the film version, however, this size is larger than other off-screen embodiments.

If we compare this statue with the famous Godzilla head installed at the Toho building in Tokyo,it is only 12m taller.

According to the recruitment company operating in Nijigen no Mori Park, this is the only life-size Godzilla installed. Authorities urged the Godzilla fans in the country and all over the globe to come witness and appreciate this massive structure that they are only able to see through the big screen.

The structure was opened to the public on Saturday. It portrays a roaring Godzilla with a spacious mouth along with pointed barbed teeth.

Almost half the structure’s buried inside the ground. Godzilla has become a pop culture icon ever since the time it hit the screens. It has been shown in more than 30 films with many games and toy applications.

The film Gojira directed by the Ushiro Honda was a  Japanese depiction of a whale along with Godzilla. This was released in the year 1954 by Toho production.

It turned out as a big success collecting more than 9.6 million views even though television sets were not common in Japan. With time film got recognition all across the globe and also Japan’s anxiety with the usage of global and nuclear weapons.

It was then that a fantasy author claimed the Godzilla character as a depiction of the Japanese experience by the end of World War 2.

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