Kitchen and Dining Room Renovation Ideas on a Budget!


The kitchen and dining room are often the heart and soul of the home. It’s where people come together to share food and laughter, which is just one reason why it holds the most value. It can also be the most costly area to renovate.

Fortunately, there are many affordable renovations and upgrades you can make overtime to stick to a small budget. Here are some of the best budget-friendly renovation ideas for kitchens and dining rooms.

Create an American Style Floor Plan

Kitchens and dining rooms are traditionally separate spaces that connect in some way. However, this trend stems from European designs. The more modern design trends include an open floor plan, known as an American style kitchen.

Consider opening up space between two distinct rooms and creating one, larger, functional eating area. This renovation project can be as simple as taking out a wall and installing some American style cabinets to create more counter space without closing off the dining area.

While doing DIY demolition is a fantastic way to save money while renovating, it’s essential to get input from a contractor first. This is an important step to determine whether the wall is a load-bearing wall and if there are any plumbing or electrical components to be moved.

Upgrade the Backsplash

One of the most affordable ways to change the look of a kitchen is to upgrade the backsplash. Even a subtle difference can make a significant impact. Consider installing some simple white subway tiles for a timeless look that adds life to the kitchen.

If you already have a tile backsplash in place and replacing it isn’t an option, you can paint over the existing tiles. All you need for this project is caulk to repair damaged tiles, primer, and epoxy paint that will stay on the tile background. You can also use stencils and various colors to create a mosaic tile backsplash or add pops of color to suit your style.

Replace the Fixtures

Another simple-yet-effective way to upgrade your kitchen and dining room is to replace dated fixtures with modern alternatives. Lighting, in particular, is a great starting point. Don’t hesitate to use your lighting as an accent piece in your decor. A stylish pendant light or chandelier looks incredible over a dining room table.

In the kitchen, you can also change the fixtures on existing cabinets to revitalize the space. Upgrading the faucet is also a great way to add value and modernize your kitchen on a limited budget.

Add Fresh Paint

Sometimes all a room needs to look new and vibrant is a fresh coat of paint. Adding new paint is a great way to create consistency between a separated kitchen and dining room or add contrast in an open floor plan.

When considering how you can liven up the room with paint, look beyond the walls. A fresh coat of paint can refresh outdated cabinets when you don’t have the budget for a full remodel. You can also update older furniture with some vibrant paint and new fabric or cushions. This simple change can transform your eating area for under $500.

Install Open Shelving

Adding open shelving is an excellent way to get more storage in a small kitchen or dining room. Use floating shelves to capitalize on vertical space, filling a narrow wall or the area over your doors. You can use these shelves to store dishes, spices, utensils, cookbooks, or even art for a stylish-yet-purposeful upgrade.

Replace the Window Treatments

Another simple upgrade that you can make to both your dining room and the kitchen is to replace your current window treatments. This project could be as simple as installing new curtain rods and swapping out your curtains. Conversely, you can show the room a little extra love by installing Roman shades or energy-efficient window treatments.

Let the light shine in by replacing curtains with clear acrylic shelves to hold live plants to bring this space to life. Use this opportunity to grow fresh herbs in a sunny window.

Add an Accent Wall

Designers are getting bolder with their kitchen and dining room themes. One of the boldest recent trends is to showcase striking works of art in the kitchen— a space that traditionally lacks artistic focal points. Add a large piece of art to dominate an open wall and tie the room together.

Another fantastic way to add an accent wall is with wallpaper. Use a bold print or texture to add dimension to the room and revamp the space on a minimal budget. Don’t worry about struggling to take the wallpaper off in the future— this decorating tool has evolved from what it once was.

Add a Nook

If you have an open floor plan or small kitchen, dining room combo, consider replacing your dining set with a nook. Install a simple built-in bench in a corner or against the wall to optimize the space and create a sense of comfort. If you have a separate dining room and kitchen, you can also use this as a small breakfast table or a space to entertain while cooking.

While there are many nook style dining sets available, it’s better to take a DIY approach to this project to create a custom fit in your home. Fortunately, creating a DIY dining nook is a simple weekend project for someone with basic handy skills.

Install a Built-In Bar

Another way to add functional space and value to a kitchen or dining room is to add a small, built-in bar or hutch. This addition won’t detract from the space as it will be recessed into the wall. You can use this bar for alcoholic drinks and entertaining or to build your personal cafe and coffee bar.

Either way, this affordable renovation project adds value to your kitchen and dining room by creating more storage space and tools for entertaining.

With these simple, affordable renovation ideas, you can add value to your kitchen and dining room without breaking the bank.

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