Logistic app development – How much does it cost to create a logistics app


Logistics applications may drastically simplify the workflow and improve the transportation processes of your company. It could improve your warehouse management and help you identify the demand for certain goods in the market. But to create such a solution you’d need the help of an experienced logistics app development company

In this article you’ll learn the basics about logistics app development, how much it costs, and how to find a reliable technical team to work with. 

What are the types of logistics apps 

To create a logistics application you need to be aware that there are different types of those. And while one type would be perfect for one company, it may not work for yours at all. So, in order to create a seamless workflow, you have to understand what you need. 

  1. On-demand app

This solution allows you to connect with other businesses and ship their cargo. This way, if your company’s vehicles have extra space you could put it in use, or otherwise build a business solely on transporting the goods of other enterprises. 

There are three parts of this software: the admin panel, a carrier app, and a shipment app. The mechanism of its work is simple: whenever someone needs a vehicle they place an order in your app and one of your drivers would get a notification. 

  1. Fleet management app 

This type of logistics solution helps you track your vehicles, predict the time of the delivery, manage shifts of your workers and working conditions, create better routes and optimize the costs. A logistics application of this type will help you create a better workflow in your company and preserve the transparency of the supply chain, so its development is essential.

You may also power up this solution with AI or ML tools which would help you forecast the demand for goods or improve your risk management. 

  1. Warehouse management app

A logistics application of this type can smoothen the processes on the warehouse, including more in-time delivery, goods sorting, shift management, and cost optimization. With it, you could optimize the working shifts of your staff and nullify manual mistakes. 

Power up this application with predictive analytics, and you can provide useful insights and statistics about your customers generated automatically based on the intel the application itself gathers. 

To create all of these applications we at RexSoft use top-notch technologies and ensure that our customers get the best of the best solutions possible. Outsource Node.js development services and you could get the most powerful solution possible from our expert team. 

And if you’re wondering how much does it cost, let’s cover it up immediately. 

How much does logistics app development costs

It depends on the type of logistics app you’ve chosen and how many modules and features it has. All this influences the time the development team would spend on your project and, accordingly, the amount of money you’d need to spend.

To minimize the costs of logistics app development you can engage the development team to work for you hourly or part-time. This may slow the development down but will allow you to manage your finances more flexibly. 

However, if you decide to outsource the development in countries like Ukraine, you’ll be able to pay less for the same quality and amount of skills. Ukraine has a strong IT Services market that constantly grows (+20% in the year 2021). There are lots of startups that come from here and many companies outsource Node.js development services from our specialists. 

So, back to numbers: an average logistics app development can cost you around $20,000 – $40,000 but considering the benefits, it could bring your business, the solution will pay off soon enough. 


So, if you’re looking for a logistics app development that will help your business succeed, first define what you need and find the developer who fits your budget. 

Ideally, you’ll work with someone who can consult you to help refine your business needs and manage your budget well. To find the specialists like this you can search on Upwork, Clutch, and GoodFirms, read their customers’ testimonials and look through their portfolio. 

And, of course, you can contact the RexSoft company that brought you this article, and together we will talk through any other questions you may have left.

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