Mandatory Digital Health Passport Funded by Bill Gates


Major companies, health organizations and non-profit organizations announced on Thursday morning that they are working together to create a digital vaccination passport, waiting for the moment when people will have to prove their status as immunized, Business Insider reports.

The Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI) is a coalition of organizations, including Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, Cerner, Epic Systems and the Mayo Clinic, working at developing technical standards to verify whether someone has taken the vaccine or not, a statement said. The technology will help detect people who falsely claim to be immunized to covid-19.

VCI said that people without smartphones could receive QR codes printed on paper to prove they were vaccinated. Airlines such as Virgin Atlantic, United Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, Lufthansa and JetBlue said in December that they would start applying for a digital health permit as proof that passengers are not infected with coronavirus.

The passport was created by one of the VCI members, The Commons Project respectively, and is designed to become an international standard.

“The goal of the Vaccination Credential Initiative is to empower individuals with digital access to their vaccination records so they can use tools like CommonPass to safely return to travel, work, school, and life, while protecting their data privacy”

said the CEO of the Commons Project Foundation Paul Meyer.

“For some period of time, most all of us are going to have to demonstrate either negative COVID-19 testing or an up-to-date vaccination status to go about the normal routines of our lives”

according to the foundation’s chief medical officer, Dr. Brad Perkins, in a statement for The New York Times.

Currently speaking, the Federal Government doesn’t have an online system that allows people to verify immunization records in real time, or check their vaccination status; however, there are paper cards given to people, reminding them to take the second dose of covid-19 vaccine.


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