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Natural Reaction of our Body After COVID-19

After Coronavirus infection, the natural reaction of our body is to develop antibodies against COIVD-19 and keeps a memory of it.

According to the National Institute of Health, immune cells of the body along with immunity proteins keep circulating in the human body. When the coronavirus had a chance to see one of our immune cells or proteins, these proteins and immune cells tend to kill it thereby decreasing the severity of the illness.

Whether you are suffering from COVID-19, recovered it, received a vaccine against it or remained untouched by the virus during the whole pandemic, understanding the natural reaction of our body after COVID-19 is helpful in any case.

So, the natural reaction of our body after COVID-19 has many aspects. Two types of immunity are involved in responding to the infection. one is natural immunity and the other one is vaccine-induced immunity. This article is about natural immunity.

The human body develops all the components of its immune system even after getting recovered from it i.e. antibodies, helper T cells, Kill T cells, and B Cells.

Antibodies are the immunoglobulin proteins that are continuously circulating in our blood and looking for foreign particles like bacteria or viruses. Helper T cells recognize the foreign particle, killer T cells, as the name indicates, kill them and last but not least B cells keep a memory of the virus and make antibodies on a second infection.

Now, the question is how long immunity against COVID_19 lasts?

Recent research published in the Journal Science has answered this question and revealed that all these components of the human body can last up to eight months. This means that after getting recovered from coronavirus disease our body can remember the structure it. On the second infection by the same virus, the body can win easily without suffering form fever or any other COVID-19 symptoms.

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