Prada Drops Chinese Actress Over Supposed Surrogacy Column

Prada abandons famous Chinese actress Zheng Shuang over alleged surrogacy issues


Prada known as the most extravagance brand has dropped a popular Chinese actress at the focal point of a column over surrogacy.

It has been claimed that Zheng Shuang deserted two kids destined to surrogates abroad, in the wake of separating from her accomplice. The judgment of the entertainer spilled out online after the news broke, with many requiring her to be banned from media outlets.

She has since stood up in her guard. Surrogacy is unlawful in China.

Promptly after the embarrassment arising, the Prada Group which, as indicated by nearby media, had just revealed the entertainer as its face of China seven days prior – delivered an assertion on its page on the online media website Weibo saying the huge late media inclusion of Ms. Zheng’s own life drove them to end all relations.

Recently, Zheng Shuang’s ex-accomplice Zhang Heng took to Weibo to address speculation he had been abroad for an all-inclusive timeframe.

He uncovered he had been dealing with “two youthful and honest lives” his youngsters. Mr. Zhang likewise added that he was stuck in the US, calling his circumstance as powerless.

His post immediately caught the consideration of web-based media clients  and it wasn’t well before homegrown news sources found the kids’ introduction to the world testaments, which indicated they were brought into the world in the US to two separate women in late 2019 and mid-2020.

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The serious speculation over the possible utilization of surrogates seemed, by all accounts, to be affirmed by a tape released on the web, where Ms. Zheng is heard communicating disappointment that it was past the point of no return for the pregnancies to be ended.

A report in the state-run paper Global Times said the women were around seven months pregnant.

The hashtag #DoYouSupportSurrogacy started moving on Weibo, with many calling it ethically dishonest, adding that it was an alternative simply open to rich individuals who could bear to employ proxies abroad.

Then, state news source The Global Times cited a Beijing-based wedding attorney as saying that while surrogacy is unlawful in China, the individuals who pay for such administrations abroad couldn’t be charged under nearby laws.

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