President Trump Discharged from Hospital, Tells Americans “Don’t be Afraid of Covid”


President Trump will return to the White House on Monday after being discharged from the hospital. Before departing Walter Reed military hospital, President Trump tweeted:

President Trump delivered an optimistic message, assuring the American people that no one should live in fear of the coronavirus.

He also mocked the media for criticizing him over his impromptu drive-by on Sunday for his supporters who were cheering for him outside Walter Reed hospital. On a funny note, it seems that President Trumps ordered pizzas for his fans:

President Trump’s personal physician also said on Monday that:

The POTUS and the FLOTUS were admitted to Walter Reed military hospital on Friday after they were tested positive for coronavirus, and reportedly they experienced mild symptoms.

No matter what you think about this guy, this is God-level trolling. It’s also funny how a fat 74 year old who doesn’t exercise at all and has horrible eating habits beat the 2020 black death in 3 days, or so we’re told.

Chris Black
Chris Black
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