Putin’s Approval Rating is Nearly 3 Times That of Joe Biden


We all know that Russia is not a democracy, however, we do know that according to the latest polls in mainstream media, Joe Brandon stands at 33% approval rate.

Needless to say, that ain’t much.

According to Western media sources, Putin’s approval rate is 83 percent.

I can’t remember a US president boasting an 83% approval rate, except from Dubya after 9/11.

There are elections in Russia just like in Western countries, but it’s not reasonable to call Russia a “democracy”, whatever that means, because it never was a democracy, in the Western sense of the word, i.e. a “liberal” democracy.

However, Putin is legit having more than 2.5 times the support Joe Biden has in the US, and the same goes for China most probably.

The claim is that Russians and Chinese leaders have very high levels of support because the mass media in the respective countries is heavily censored/controlled/whatever.

But at this point, the “controlled/censored” argument is no longer valid, at least in the US. In the “current year”, the US government working with big corporations  controls basically every aspect of the people’s lives.

For example, the US government recently decided to force-vax the populace, and before you ask, there’s no difference between mandated and forced, it’s just a semantics game.

Another example is the recent extravaganza about parents being able to have a say regarding their children being groomed to be homosexuals in public schools, and the government position is that parents should not have that choice.

A functional society shout be able to decide what outcomes they want, and then take steps to to build a system that leads to those outcomes, regardless of “ideology”.

Chris Black
Chris Black
"Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations."

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