UK Expert Says Covid-19 Killed Only Sick People Who Were Going to Die This Year Anyway


According to sociology professor Robert Dingwall at Nottingham Trent University, governments and people should have a sense of proportion in regard to the nasty infection that is Covid-19, which, according to his research, simply “brought deaths forward by a few weeks”, end quote.

Robert Dingwall is also a government advisor and says that 80 percent of the 45,000 people deceased so far due to Coronavirus infection in the United Kingdom (as per official data) had previous life-threatening/life limiting conditions, and the same goes for the estimated 685,000 worldwide victims so far.

He said in an interview for Daily Express that:

‘Covid-19 has been linked to about 50,000 deaths in the first 16 weeks of the UK pandemic – but about 1,000 people normally die every week.

‘In the past five weeks, fewer than usual have died. Covid-19 simply bought deaths forward by a few weeks or months.’

‘Six months into this pandemic, we have learnt that it will not wipe out human life on this planet. It is a nasty infection and every death represents a person loved by someone. But it is time for a sense of proportion.

‘While some people become seriously ill, and a few die, most shrug it off.’

The professor points out in the interview that  anyone who is unhealthy enough to die from Covid-19 will probably die anyway from something else this year, and 8 in 10 deaths Covid-19 related had life limiting medical conditions.


Robert Dingwall accused the UK government of terrorizing the population with incessant coronavirus messages and death-counts, and in his column also took aim at the scientists who are supporting the lock-down laws. Dingwall says that the narrow minded scientific elite working with the UK government risks eradicating liberty and privacy as well as the country’s industry:

We have this very strong message which has effectively terrorised the population into believing that this is a disease that is going to kill you. And mostly it isn’t…

‘….We have completely lost sight of that in the obsession with deaths.’

Almost 5 million residents in the area of Greater Manchester, East Lancashire and West Yorkshire are currently under lockdown restrictions from last week. It’s worth mentioning that Germany saw massive protests this weekend against Covid-19 measures.

Tens of thousands of protesters marched on Saturday from the Brandenburg gate, without wearing masks or obeying social distancing rules.

Demonstrators at the Brandenburg Gate with a banner reading Day of Freedom

Photo: Reuters, AFP

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