Why did Russia Invade Ukraine? What Mass Media Never Tells You (VIDEO)


Putin invaded because Ukraine was taken over by the West in 2014 and a puppet regime was installed. This cut off Russian influence and control over the flow of energy, plus some geo-strategic (as in military) reasons given the geography of Ukraine (read the great European plain).

It was known since 2019 this is going to happen, but Zelensky did not care. Russia’s red line was NATO membership for Ukraine and/or nuclear weapons stationed on Ukraine’s territory:


The NATO announcement would be confirmation that Ukraine was lost. Once that happens, the window to invade would close, since attacking a NATO member would automatically trigger a war with the rest.

The Western nations don’t care about the Ukrainian people. Putting Ukraine in NATO is all about safeguarding Europe’s supply of energy and creating a buffer from Russia. It also protects the petrodollar, which is the source of power for Western banks. Forcing everyone to use the same clearing house for energy contracts allows the Rothschild empire to work as Duke & Duke, making money off every transaction, regardless of need.

The Petrodollar is in danger right now. More than it ever has been. If the petrodollar falls, so does the entire Western financial system. The West produces very little, and is dependent on China and Asia for the bulk of its economic activity. Without Chinese and Asia production, the US economy dies within days. China and Asia is dependent on Russia for energy.

As long as China needs to remain in the Petrodollar financial system, the Western economy can siphon money off that to pay off debt. When China pays for all of its energy with Yuan, the debt bubble of the West bursts, and nothing can save it.

Putin invaded Ukraine because someone was going to lose big over the next decade. Either Asia dies in an economic firestorm to protect the Petrodollar, or the Petrodollar dies and the West goes up in flames.

Chris Black
Chris Black
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