50% Of New York City Bars And Restaurants May Close Permanently


According to NYS comptroller audit, half of New York city bars and restaurants could close for ever in the next six months. Obviously, this is due to the authorities response to the covid-19 “pandemic”, i.e. the lockdown  measures that literally destroyed local economies.

New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli on Thursday explained that 50 percent of New York’s restaurants and bars may never recover. All small/medium service-based businesses are currently struggling to stay afloat, and according to the government audit, the situation is going to get worse by April the next year.

Beside permanently closed businesses, layoffs and furloughs, government imposed covid-19 restrictions are slowly destroying what’s left the economy of NY, especially restaurants and bars. And according to Thomas DiNapoli, the financial outlook for many “middle class” owned businesses is bleak, as up to half of Big Apple’s restaurants and bars may very well be closed for ever by spring.

Even if restaurant owners are now allowed to bring some customers indoors, at 25 percent capacity max as decreed by the NY authorities, this is not going to cut it. And every day businesses go down in negative territory. Twenty five percent capacity was a start, but the restaurant industry cannot survive at one quarter capacity.

To give you a little bit of context, the restaurant industry contributed 27 billion dollars last year in taxes. American business owners are requiring more federal funding, in the form of loans and grants; they also need the city/state authorities to relax the restrictions.

Governor Cuomo promised that opening up indoor restaurant seating at fifty percent capacity may happen in 30 days from now, but that may be too little too late for many NY business owners.

An arbitrary decree of 25% occupancy is a classic example of a political decision that has no connection with reality. The sad truth is that New Yorkers voted-in the liberal “woke” government they wanted, and like everywhere else it’s ever been tried, it destroyed them, their City, their jobs and way of life.

Chris Black
Chris Black
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