A Guide for Using Custom Flags for Your Business


When driving by both small and large businesses in towns and cities, how do they catch the eye and draw attention to their establishment? Sometimes it’s by having a showy sign or displaying some of their merchandise in a window. Another way for companies to get the attention of passersby is by displaying custom flags in front of their location.

These flags can be anywhere from the standard 3×5 size to larger, more noticeable dimensions. These flags are custom printed with a unique design meant to catch the eye of people nearby to promote the business, whether it’s a restaurant, retail store, or special service. They can be assembled on a pole that is mounted onto a wall, street pole, or on a large in-ground flagpole.

Why do so many companies use these flags as marketing tools? Well, there are several reasons setting up flags in front of businesses is a smart advertising method.

Why Are Custom Flags Used for Businesses?

The reason custom printed flags are displayed in front of businesses is simply to draw attention to an establishment. Chances are, whether a business is small or large, their location is next to a bunch of other companies competing for attention. How can a business stand out and notify customers of their logo or what they sell? The answer is by setting up a marketing tool in front of their company.

Flags are an easy way to peak people’s interest without having to pay a lot. Custom flags can inform potential customers the name of the business, whether it’s open or closed, what is being sold, if a sale is happening, or anything else that might get them to visit. Displaying flags in front of stores not only draws the eye to the establishment, but also entices people to come in.

Flags are also a go-to marketing tool for outside of businesses because they are designed for outdoor use, so that even if it’s raining, snowing, or windy, people don’t have to constantly remove them, set them up again, or get them replaced, making them convenient for all types of locations. Not only are they durable, but they are also easy to assemble and are perfect for all kinds of settings, from walls to flagpoles.

What Is Printed on Flags?

What designs are typically printed on custom flags to promote a business or encourage customers to come in an establishment? One of the most common designs is getting the logo of the company printed onto the flag to increase brand awareness. Customers who drive by a business will become more familiar with the brand if they see the logo often. The logo can also be accompanied by the slogan of the business, a catchy phrase that informs people what products or services the company offers.

This will let people know what the company specializes in without having to look it up or come inside the building to find out, saving time. If stores or companies are holding a special promotion, such as a sale, they are also advertised on custom flags to notify everyone nearby and to drive traffic to the business.

Sometimes just using a simple “Sale” message is enough, but some companies like to promote what is on sale or how big the discount is. If there is something that a business wishes to share with the masses, whether it be a sale at a store or just the name and slogan of a new company, custom flags are a great way to get that message across.

How to Make Custom Flags?

If a company wants custom flags made for their establishment, where do they go? There are several custom printing companies that specialize in advertising flags. These businesses typically allow customers to upload any artwork files that they want printed onto their flags, or, in some cases, the printing businesses have professional graphic designers that can customize the artwork based on the suggestions people give them.

Whether people customize their own design or get a designer to do it depends on their graphic design expertise. When looking for a company to print flags, it is important to make sure the company offers strong, long-lasting materials (typically outdoor-tested polyester) and high-quality printing techniques (such as dye-sublimation) to get the best-looking and most durable product. When they are done designing the flag, customers either pick it up at their business or they mail it to the establishment.

Most of these companies also include hardware for setting up custom printed flags wherever they are needed. Getting personalized flags is simple and does not take a lot of time or money, making them ideal advertising tools for all kinds of companies and budgets.


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