Benefits of COVID-19 testing in the workplace


2021 is rolling in, and many businesses are starting to return to work and find a new normal for their workplace. In the process, these employers are asking themselves how they can support the transition for their staff.

Whether your own organization’s work in 2020 took place fully remotely, entirely onsite, or a blend of both, it goes without saying that the pandemic has been tricky for us all to navigate. It is no surprise that the thought of returning to traditional workplaces can make us anxious.

One way to support the return to work is to implement regular and accessible COVID-19 testing. Here, we discuss some benefits of testing in the workplace.

Supporting mental health

Workplace COVID-19 testing can go a long way towards easing anxieties that employees might have about heading back to the office. A testing service like the Clarity Health App can allow all employees to get tested and share the results with their employer.

We have got to remember that a lot of people have been working remotely for months and might even have been keeping quarantined for that long, too. The pandemic could have had numerous negative effects on the mental health of staff. Regular COVID-19 testing can provide crucial reassurance that coming back to work is safe.

Checking physical health

As soon as anyone experiences any symptoms, you can have the benefit of testing the whole office at once. By doing this, you can catch the virus early and reduce the spread, allowing you to act responsibly and promptly to the threat. This might be the difference between one department being ill compare to the entire company workforce.

Performing COVID-19 tests in the workplace can give your employees confidence in your company, signaling to them that you are taking the pandemic seriously. You can be rest assured, too, that there are measures in place making sure everyone’s physical health takes priority.

The outcomes of a COVID-19 testing regime can also inform you on how you can best support your workforce. Test results and their data can show you where safety measures need to be improved, and even whether a continued degree of remote working may still be the safest and wisest option.

You can test for previous infections

There are a few types of testing options available, split into two categories – ones that detect active infections, and those showing if someone has had the disease previously. The viral tests are usually done using a swab or by analyzing a sample of saliva.

The antibody test can suggest whether the virus has been contracted previously. A previous case of coronavirus can potentially mean that the person is immune. However, this is not 100% definite as more research needs to be done over the coming years.

Final thoughts

Overall, as an employer, you have a duty of care to your staff. Looking after their mental and physical health should take priority over everything. By implementing COVID-19 testing in your workplace, you can help to contain any potential outbreak as soon as possible, and reassure employees that you are taking all necessary measures to keep everyone safe.

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