FedEx Finalizes Acquisition of ShopRunner E-Commerce Platform

ShopRunner purchase will enable brands and merchants to attract and engage consumers


FedEx Corporation (NYSE: FDX) announced on Monday (December 28) that it has wrapped up the acquisition of ShopRunner, the e-commerce platform that directly connects brands and merchants with online shoppers.

The logistics and transport giant has announced on December 2 that it has agreed to acquire ShopRunner aiming for a complementary relationship as ShopRunner’s pre-purchase offerings are to be combined with FedEx’s post-purchase logistics intelligence.

ShopRunner’s capabilities also complement and expand the FedEx e-commerce portfolio and are expected to create increased value for brands, merchants and consumers.

ShopRunner directly connects more than 100 brands and merchants to millions of consumers and offers a seamless shopping experience from inspiration through delivery. Members enjoy benefits that include free two-day shipping, free returns, member-exclusive discounts, and seamless checkout.

ShopRunner’s data-driven marketing and omnichannel enablement capabilities also help brands and merchants acquire high-value customers and accelerate their digital innovation by using ShopRunner’s e-commerce platform.

ShopRunner, as a subsidiary of FedEx Services, will operate as part of FedEx Dataworks, a new organization within FedEx Services focused on harnessing the power of the rich FedEx data ecosystem to transform the digital and physical customer experience.

FedEx Dataworks will create solutions that build the network for what’s next by collaborating across the enterprise to integrate the technology and services customers expect and deserve.

“This is an exciting day for FedEx and ShopRunner, and it accelerates our ability to play a larger role in e-commerce,” said Raj Subramaniam, president, and chief operating officer said in a statement on Monday.

“We are thrilled to bring on ShopRunner’s team of highly-skilled professionals, product capabilities and existing customer base as we work together to create a better end-to-end e-commerce ecosystem for brands, merchants and online shoppers,” Subramaniam said.

According to the FedEx CEO, the acquisition aligns with the company’s efforts to create an open, collaborative e- commerce ecosystem that helps brands and merchants deliver seamless experiences for their customers.

The complementary nature of ShopRunner’s pre-purchase offerings combined with FedEx post-purchase logistics intelligence will enable brands and merchants to attract and engage consumers at scale by providing innovative online shopping experiences.

The Chicago-based ShopRunner’s consumer experience and omnichannel enablement capabilities are also anticipated to help unlock potential for FedEx as it continues to use data and technology to transform the end-to-end e-commerce experience.

“Bringing together our products, talent, teams, and culture will catalyze the next exciting chapter of growth and performance,” said Sam Yagan, CEO of ShopRunner.

“Combining forces with FedEx will open up possibilities for creating amazing online experiences and delivering new innovations for everyone we serve.”

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