According to the higher Chinese court, a nursery teacher has been issued a death penalty for poisoning 25 nursery children.

Last year at a kindergarten school in Jiazuo city, 25 children were rushed to the hospital early morning after they had their breakfast porridge at school. Wang Yun was the teacher who poisoned the students and was immediately arrested.

According to the court and higher authority, the incident took place as a part of her revenge for her friend after a series of arguments took place over the management issues Wang Yun added Sodium Nitrate to the breakfast of her colleague students.

The following incident took place last year in China on 27 March. It caught a lot of attention from Chinese higher authorities and triggered the international media as well.

23 children were rushed to the emergency in a fatal condition after they started vomiting and a moment later became unconscious. Police started their in-depth interrogation when allegations against Wang Yun started circulating.

On Monday the decision for Wang Yun was announced in a local court. The teacher has been issued a death sentence for the brutal act. Sodium Nitrate is widely used as a special additive to enhance the flavor of the meat but can be highly toxic if used in a substantial amount.

As per the local court, this was not the first time miss Wang made use of poisonous material again others. She holds a previous record of poisoning his husband to death by making use of nitrate. The husband suffered from minor casualties and somehow managed to escape.

Out of the 25 children, one of the children died in hospital in January. The child was under observation in the hospital for more than 10 months, but lost his life after a frenetic battle against the deadly poison.

The court claimed Wang Yan as vicious. The outcomes of her wrongdoings are a serious concern and had to be addressed in the strict way possible by severe punishment.

China holds the policy of not revealing the figures of execution that takes place in the country every year. But due to strict laws of justice, thousands of people are killed. The death sentence is usually carried out by an overdose of fatal injection or by firing squad.

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