Covid-19 Vaccine Development has become a kind of new race that every country and pharmaceutical company is trying to win regardless of the feasibility and testing period of vaccine development.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, on Tuesday, approved a Covid-19 Vaccine and claimed it to be the world’s best and first coronavirus vaccine.

He added that this was the world’s first approved Covid-19 vaccine and he knew that this worked perfectly and increased immunity. He hoped that his foreign colleagues would continue to develop the vaccine and many new products would be seen in the international market.

 Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology has developed this vaccine and named it Sputnik-V. They named the vaccine after the first satellite launched by the Soviet Union in 1957.

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Nevertheless, the vaccine has yet to pass phase 3 of the vaccine development stage. In the third phase of vaccine development, it is injected into thousands of people to check the actual functionality and side effects of the vaccine on the human body.

President Putin has rushed to announce this Covid-19 vaccine to be the ‘first’ mostly because of the political pressure from Kremlin. For this purpose, they have skipped major vaccine testing steps.

Despite all the safety concerns, Russian officials claimed that around twenty countries and some US companies are interested in buying the vaccine.

Putin said this vaccine was so safe that his daughter had taken it, she showed mild fever in the beginning but later she started feeling well.

Russia is one of the many countries which are trying to develop the Covid-19 vaccine. World Health Organization has a list of all the vaccines along with their names, institutes that are developing it, and the stage of vaccine development.

Earlier this month, Russia has been accused of hacking the American, Canadian, and British lab to steal the research about coronavirus vaccine development.

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