France and Germany to Totally Lock Down in Order to Curb Surge in Coronavirus


France and Germany have the biggest economies in the Eurozone, as well as the largest populations, but that doesn’t seem enough to stop Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel to declare something very similar to “economic martial law”, i.e. to announce second national lockdowns in order to fight the coronavirus “pandemic”.

Even if the Swedish model proved to be viable, i.e. Sweden has a very low death rate from covid and it stands pretty in terms of infections per capita (which are largely irrelevant in the bigger scheme of things), though the country never closed down its economy and mask mandates are non-existent, France and Germany decided to go “full Fauci” and they are now implementing brutal new lockdowns.

French president Emmanuel Macron decided to impose a national lockdown until December 1st (starting tomorrow). French people will have to obey a stay at home order (1 hour of exercise per day is allowed); the order allows them to buy “essential” goods and seek medical care though. Restaurants and bars will be closed, as well as “non essential” shops (read small businesses), a travel ban between regions will be implemented, external borders will be closed down, and universities will move to online teaching.

People will not be allowed to travel more than 1 km from their home. The same authoritarian measures are going to be implemented in Germany: bars and pubs will be closed, restaurants too except for takeaways, cinemas, gyms and theaters are history, indoor gatherings banned, hotels closed, and shops can stay open but with a maximum of 1 person per ten square meters.

Nursing homes, schools and day care centers will stay open.

Destroying small businesses and alienating people is a small price to pay for life, or so it appears. Interestingly enough, in both Germany and France schools will stay open.


Chris Black
Chris Black
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