Malaysian entrepreneur and co-founder of startup GoGet helped thousands to find new jobs in the country and survive the pandemic, reports CNBC Wednesday.

The 32-year old co-founder and CEO of GoGet made it all possible when the pandemic-related job cuts are becoming a common norm around the world. Malaysian Startup GoGet is a platform for skilled people with greater connectivity in daily work.

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Malaysian Startup GoGet Helped Thousands to Survive the Pandemic
GoGet wants to bridge the gap by connecting businesses with verified flexible workers; File Photo

Businesses can access part-timers in Malaysia to get reliable resources quickly using the platform. The startup ensures verified gig workers for deliveries, catering, and admin.

“In one weekend, we trained the equivalent of a month’s worth of workers,” Francesca Chia, Co-founder of the startup told CNBC. The gig workers are called GoGetters in the company started to serve casual works in Malaysia as the country imposed lockdown measures to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Almost 300,000 individuals, 5,000 businesses, and some multinationals became dependent on the skilled part-timers giving them the opportunity to survive the pandemic.

“We could not ever be more timely as a solution than we are right now.” – Francesca Chia

The CEO of the company claimed that they are lucky to get special approval to work during the lockdown. “With GoGet, we were able to create more flexible jobs while ensuring the city was still connected,” Chia added.

Already $2 million Series A funding has been invested to support the growth of the company in Malaysia and around the world, according to the reports.

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Malaysian Startup GoGet Helped Thousands to Survive the Pandemic
The 32-year-old co-founder and CEO of GoGet- Francesca Chia; File Photo

Techcrunch covered an entire report on the Malaysian platform in October. The report compared the startup with TaskRabbit in America.

Malaysian Startup GoGet tried to bridge the labor gap issue in the ASEAN region (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) amid the health crisis after it was established in 2014.

Since the Malaysian workers are already becoming skilled in different sectors companies can now use the platform to utilize the GoGetters to solve daily problems. Chia said to the reporters, ”GoGet’s vision is to bring flexible work to the world in a sustainable manner.”

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