Making a career for yourself or turning it into your own business


Obviously, there are some careers that do not lend themselves to working alone. However, the number of these is really quite small. In most business sectors, there are ways of either starting your own business or becoming self-employed, but regardless of what you are deciding to do, there are some very careful considerations that you will need to look into first.

Qualifications and experience

Regardless of whether you are looking to carve out a career and work for all your working life for someone else or whether you are looking to create a business of your own out of your chosen career, you will need to obtain the correct qualifications and then gain the experience in order to back up any claims that you can do the job to the desired specification.

With so many good quality colleges and universities offering online courses gaining qualifications has never been easier, and with online teaching, you can keep up with the latest developments in your field; you do not even have to be in the same state as the educational institution that you have registered for.

This is even better news when you take into account that certain industry leaders look to specific colleges or universities as a preference when it comes to recruiting for their businesses, including educational establishments.

Get your own website right

If you are looking to take your qualifications and experience and use them to start your own business, it is a good idea to get your website well and truly underway, designed and running perfectly. It is important that you make sure that it is totally user-friendly and that it complies with laws and regulations such as the American Disabilities Act.

When it comes to getting your website found easily on search engines such as Google, it is important to enlist the help of professionals that are used to dealing in this area. This is called SEO. Established and reputable businesses like will typically have a mountain of experience and knowledge, and not just about the SEO but also in other areas that could benefit your business needs and the amount of traffic that lands on your website.

SEO is an area that those who are not accustomed to working in it can easily get lost and can end up costing a lot of money for little or no distinguishable traffic results at all.

Be Strict with Yourself

You’ll quickly find that turning your idea into a business is a lot of hard work, especially if you continue working your day job. From early starts to late-night finishes, you will want to spend as much free time as you can building your business. However, a word of caution. While it is ok to spend this time in the early days to get your business up and running, this is not a sustainable way of living long-term. Therefore, you must learn to be strict with yourself after a certain period of time.

For instance, you may spend the first six months working your other job during the day while setting the foundation for your business during the evening hours, working late. Once you have enough money and can quit your daytime job, you won’t need to work in the evening. While you may be tempted to work as much as possible, still, you need to take care of yourself, and resting and taking a suitable break from each working day is one of the best ways to do this.

As well as being careful about how much you are working, being strict with yourself also means putting a solid structure for your working day in place. Create a schedule that breaks down each week, and make another that details what you will do each day to ensure you keep on track. Many new business owners feel like there are never enough hours in the day, so they work longer than they should to try and get everything done. However, if you map out your working week and focus on the most important tasks, and schedule time for admin tasks, you should be able to get everything done that you need and keep your customers happy.

Making the break

When making the break from career to a business owner, it is a good idea to make a move slowly rather than quitting your job and then expecting customers to suddenly come flocking to your business because they probably won’t.

Getting your website up and running, your SEO getting your business noticed, and generally putting your feelers out to test the water is probably more the way forward. Then when your job stops, you will have some personal projects on the back burner to focus on and start getting your business money in the door.

Be careful, though; some businesses do like you to sign disclaimers to say that you will not start a business trading in the same sector as them or within the same location for a certain number of months after leaving their employment.

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