Mars is illuminating in the best way possible because of its alignment with the Earth that is on the same side of the Sun.

Usually, after every 26 months, the Red planet pairs up with Earth to make this arrangement. In this, it moves closer to the sun and later resumes separate orbits.

Astronomers claimed that on Tuesday the 13th this actual movement can be witnessed which they have called as an opposition.

The Sun, Moon, and Earth are expected to take positions in the same line at 23:20 GMT (00:20 BST).

However, according to the scientists’ people do need to wait till the mid of the night to witness this movement. In the southeast in between nine to ten o clock, people can easily observe the movements of these three bodies through their microscopes.

As per the astrophotographer, Damian Peach.It is a breathtaking moment to experience the movement of this brightest star. Even a telescope half the size will show major features of mars and even a good pair of binoculars will help the viewers understand how it is not just a planet but a ball of  the red hot star

Although the opposition is likely to take place in this coming week, but it was surprising to see that March and Earth made their closest approach on Tuesday last week in the 26th-month cycle. The gap observed until now is 2035.

Earth and Mars are at a distance of 58 million kilometers, but according to astrophotographers, this opposition is that it is the planet’s distinct elevation in the sky. Its higher and telescopes do not need to look through with much intensity.

In 2003 March made its historical closest approach to Earth. This was the first nearest approach in 60,000 with a separation of a radius of 56 million km.

A similar opposition took place in the year 2012 with over 100million km. This variance occurs as a result of the elliptical shape of orbits.

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