During a contentious discussion related to the environmental sector, Australian authorities approved the construction of the Narrabri coal gas seam field.

The Narrabri gas project is believed to be one of the largest programs from energy firm Santos in New South Wales. It can cater up to 50% gas demand for the respective state. However, critics claim that digging wells involves a huge threat to wildlife, water supplies and may even enlarge the greenhouse effect.

Earlier Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated the nation is an absolute need for further gas supplies. This is because these supplies will serve as a transition between coal and other means of renewable energy. Whereas scientists have strongly criticized this notion stating that investing towards the renewable and nonrenewable sources will hamper developments in projects related to climate change and emission reductions

The Narrabri gas project is already called a prime infrastructure program by Canberra even before its official approval was issued by the state.

The New South Wales issued a phased approval of the $3.6 billion programs on Wednesday. The construction of the project will take place in woodland towards the rural Northern South Wales in a forest that is a local habitat for koalas. The site covers 95,000 acres of land and the digging of 850 gas wells will begin soon.

As per the report of the public opinion to the head commission more than 95% of the locals have resisted against the 25-year program. But commission claims that the program is intended to deliver the best outcomes for the public. Any negative impacts associated with it will be dealt with strict measures.

Scientists reported on their findings that this project will release five million tonnes of greenhouse gases. This has led to widespread criticism from a large number of communities.

Drought affected farmers have also expressed deep concern with context to the situation as digging gas wells may disrupt the water supplies.

Although the federal environment has not issued any approval, the Australian government claims that the process is expected to start soon.

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