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The demand for business management automation is increasing annually. Modern companies are replacing manual data entry and eliminating the use of various forms and paper. Automation is essential to enhance operational efficiency by reducing the time and effort required to perform routine tasks. It is also a crucial aspect of optimisation, reducing company costs and mitigating human error.

Due to the significance of automation, car rental companies should also consider implementing efficient business management software. We would like to bring your attention to RentSyst, a modern and comprehensive product that integrates various modules for effective fleet management, company control, and business process automation.

By choosing this programme, you can create favourable conditions for increasing productivity, as you can quickly respond to changes in market conditions. Automating the car rental business improves the accuracy and reliability of business processes, enhancing the overall quality of service provided by the company.

Management of bookings

RentSyst offers a user-friendly interface for accepting and processing customer orders. The programme includes an order management function that is crucial for handling car rental requests within the company. This function also enables real-time viewing of all available requests. The programme’s cloud storage allows the manager or owner of the company to access request views from anywhere with internet coverage.

This feature can also aid in forecasting service demand. By analysing requests, one can draw conclusions about the popularity of a particular service and build a future strategy accordingly. The order management function stores all information about customers, their orders, and booking times. This information is encrypted to prevent access by third parties. It is crucial for developing marketing strategies and enhancing customer service.

Monitoring profitability

Rentsyst enables car rental companies to monitor and manage the profitability of each vehicle in their fleet. This feature is useful in evaluating the profitability of specific service lines. To ensure effective rental service provision and overall company success, it is crucial to analyse financial performance. The profitability tracking function provides a profit and loss statement for any desired time period. This section contains information about the profitability of services and the effectiveness of working strategies. All financial data of the company is automatically recorded during the work process, making it available to the administrator or owner of the company in real-time.

Vehicle control

RentSyst enables companies to maintain full control over the condition and record of each vehicle in the fleet. This is a crucial aspect of successful business, which involves keeping detailed records of the technical condition of each vehicle, including its maintenance history, repairs, and other events related to its operation. This function allows the company to service vehicles promptly, avoiding vehicle downtime and, consequently, loss of profit. Car control ensures high levels of safety and reliability for customers.

With RentSyst, it is possible to remotely control cars using Telematics and an accurate GPS tracker. The company’s managers can control the opening and closing of doors, switch on and lock the engine, and track the fuel level or speed of the car. This enables them to detect contract infringements in a timely manner and take appropriate action.

Analytics and accountability

The RentSyst system provides tools for analysing and generating reports on various aspects of the company’s activities. This information is crucial for assessing the current business situation and making future decisions. For instance, the function enables the creation of a report on the company’s financial performance or sales dynamics. Additionally, the analytics and reporting function enables you to analyse costs, evaluate customer interest, and draw conclusions on key company performance indicators.

With this information, business owners can create visualisations such as graphs and charts to present data clearly. This is important for identifying trends, predicting market changes, and identifying weaknesses in the company’s processes to optimise them in a timely manner. RentSyst recognises the significance of the analytics and reporting function for rental companies and allows this tool to be used in its software.

Vehicle catalogue

When selecting management software, rental companies frequently have an existing fleet and established business operations. In their search for effective software, they must transfer their vehicle catalogue into the programme and upload it to the company’s website.

RentSyst enables the upload of a car catalogue to the company website, including all necessary information about each car, such as manufacturer, model, year of manufacture, service price and other properties. Thanks to this feature, the company does not lose any important data. Therefore, it can continue to operate immediately after the transfer.

For added convenience, you can create a special search result filter on the website, providing additional functionality for customers and increasing their trust in your business. This function is an equally important element of a digital strategy as data analysis or car control. It attracts the attention of potential customers and allows you to expand your target audience.

Booking system

RentSyst allows customers to easily and conveniently book cars. The feature provides a simple way to browse the catalogue, select a car, fill out a booking request, and pay for the service online.

The booking system creates favourable conditions for businesses by attracting customers with its convenience and simplicity. Furthermore, all completed requests are displayed in real-time on the control panel. The company manager can view these requests and start communicating with potential customers. RentSyst also enables the automation of application acceptance, filtering out accidental or non-compliant submissions. For instance, an automatic rejection of an application can be set up for customers who do not meet the legal age or document requirements for vehicle use.

Implementing such a system helps prevent conflicts, ensures efficient workflow, and enhances customer satisfaction.

Revenue management

RentSyst offers an income management function to help businesses plan their budget and manage their financial resources effectively. This function enables businesses to track, analyse, and manage their income, including revenue, incoming and outgoing financial flows. Additionally, it provides automated tracking of service invoice payments and management of promissory notes.

The income management function is a critical aspect of the company’s financial well-being. Without revenue management, it is difficult to accurately calculate and plan the budget, hindering success in a competitive market. The revenue management function minimises risks and ensures business stability by ensuring timely customer payments. This financial stability allows the company to scale and grow, attracting more customers.

Documentation management

RentSyst offers tools for processing and storing car rental documentation in a single application accessible from any location. The software combines accounting features, allowing companies to manage contacts, contracts, applications, and reports securely in the cloud. The encryption ensures data protection.

This ensures efficient paperwork, which guarantees order, accessibility, and accuracy in the workplace. RentSyst also allows for the export and import of documents, with the ability to edit them, as well as setting different access levels for each employee of the company. Such flexibility in work increases business efficiency and significantly reduces the time spent working with documents. A company with well-organiыed documentation offers its customers a service that not only meets their requirements but also complies with the legislation in force in the country.


RentSyst is an essential tool for car rental and leasing businesses. Its wide range of functions automates many routine processes, optimises fleet management, and enhances customer service. RentSyst offers new opportunities for companies seeking to improve their service and work more efficiently. The software simplifies the company’s work without sacrificing quality. RentSyst enables companies to broaden their audience, attract additional customers, and generate more revenue consistently.

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