Russia Says Ukrainian Armed Forces Blew Up the Train Station

Does that seem like Russia?

Or does it seem like Azov?

This is a booster of the old USSR make Tochka-U missile that delivers fragmentation warheads that spread-out and detonate to produce around 16,000 fragments. The booster then falls down close to the target site.

Russia decommissioned all Tochka-U missiles.

At the start of the war, Ukraine had 800 Tochka-U missiles.

The fragmentation warheads used in these attacks are banned.

All attacks were made against LNR/DNR territories (Russian controlled).

If Russia is willing to just kill people randomly, then why don’t they just bomb Kiev and finish this debacle in a few hours?

This train bombing is burying the Bucha story that was unravelling.

The sad truth is that the US/EU politicians know exactly where the missile came from (Dobropole, controlled by Ukrainian forces) by analysing its flight path just as Russia has done.

The West knows very well that Ukraine was behind this heinous act based on the type of missile used and its point of origin (Dobropole) and yet they chose to take an immoral stance (useless Russophobic) by blaming it on Russia which makes the West complicit to this terrorist act.

The drive toward WW3 continues to ramp up.

Chris Black
Chris Black
"Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations."

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