Tesla Goes Down in Massive Network Outage


Drivers were fuming on Wednesday after a massive network outage left them unable to connect their Tesla vehicles with the mobile app. Basically, Tesla drivers could not connect to their cars, and according to an official statement from the company, internal systems were down on Wednesday due to an unspecified cause.

The official Tesla website was also missing in action on Wednesday and the staff was unable “to process deliveries and orders”. Powerwall and Tesla solar were also hit by the outage.

The outage seem to have been global, but things returned to normal around noon ET. This is one of the most wide ranging outages in Tesla history. On Tuesday, Elon Musk announced a breakthrough in battery technology, which is supposed to allow Tesla to produce sleeker and more affordable EVs in the next 3 years.

The new battery would also provide Tesla cars with better autonomy, and it should hit the markets by 2022.

Following the unpleasant incident, Tesla stock plunged as much as 9.7 percent to $383. However, the company’s stock was already sinking after the failed Battery Day presentation that did not impress Wall Street investors. Elon Musk bragged about his plans to halve battery costs and build $25,000 (sans subventions) electric cars by 2023.


Chris Black
Chris Black
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