As per the officials since Monday one of Australia’s largest stranding on the Tasmanian west coast led to the killing of almost 400 pilot whales.

Approximately 80% of Australian whale stranding happen in Tasmania and Macquarie heads are believed to be their prime spot.

Hundreds of long filled pilot whales were found dead on the Tasmanian west coast. By Wednesday rescue team managed to save 50 of them while still in efforts of helping out the remaining 30 ones.

Authorities are not able to comprehend as to why whales were stranded, although pilot whales often get beached.

This is the largest global stranding to take place. Previously it was recorded in west Australia with a figure of 320 in 1996.

Initially, on Monday, 270 whales were spotted, but later rescue operations through helicopters spotted another 200 of them. It is said that both these groups belong to the same pod.

Local fishermen helping with rescue operations stated that due to the diverse geographical location of the area, it might be difficult to carry the rescue operations.

These species are extremely calm. There are large ton animals with strong senses that can comprehend the activities taking place near them. But experts claimed that those whales who have survived can become weak over the period. As not being able to live in their natural habitat might result in their death sooner or later

Through the use of slings and various other equipment, almost 50 surviving whales were escorted back into the sea. This was done by a team of 60 rescuers and they called it a big success.

Scientists believe there could be various reasons as to why such an event took place. Probably the whales might be attracted by fish to shore and as a result, they were disoriented.

Pilot whales are not amongst the endangered species. These whales can weigh more than three tons with more than 7ft of average growth. It might be difficult to state its exact number, but scientists claimed they are more than 1 million short and long-finned whales present globally.

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