A military plane crash in Ukraine kills at least 25 people, including many air cadets as per the officials.

The Antonov An-26 aircraft crashed into flames on Friday evening near a highway in the eastern city of Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine. According to General Staff of the Armed Forces, Ruslan Komchak plane was on a training flight with cadets from the Kharkiv Air Force University.

2 people suffered from fatal injuries while a total of 27 people were on board. A search operation is being carried out for the remaining three ones.

Investigation teams have proceeded to delve into the case.  Emergency minister’s officials say the plane crashed in the town of Chuhuiv about 1.2 miles from a military airport. As the plane crashed into flames a fire broke out which was later extinguished by the rescue teams.

There are no findings whether the plane crash is associated with the quarrel in eastern Ukraine. The Chuhuiv city is approximately 100 km away from the forefront where forces are fighting against pro-Russians dissidents.

Deputy Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko calls the incident a big shock. Since there is no real evidence with the authorities hence it’s difficult and too early to conclude about the real cause behind the incident. President Volodymyr  Zelensky is likely to visit the place on Saturday.

Although one of the pilots reported earlier regarding the failure of an engine, it should not have turned the situation upside down in this way.

Eyewitnesses said that they saw a man in ashes hurriedly leaving the affected area. They rushed to help the poor man by seeking aid from a fire extinguisher of a passing car on the highway.

Some of the people tried to jump out of the plane when the plane attained a low altitude. A state commission has been formed to investigate the cause behind the tragedy. Search teams are carrying out meticulous operations on the spot as instructed by the government authorities.

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