USA halts Chinas export
USA halts Chinas export

The USA has decided to halt major exports from China’s Xinjiang district due to alleged human rights abuses against Uighur Muslim minorities. According to sources, the Chinese government makes use of ‘forced labor ‘ to manufacture most of its products. Cotton, garments, computer parts, and hair products from five various organizations in Xinjiang along with Anhui province are banned.

US secretaries strongly condemn these slavery acts by china and believe that such acts of the breach must be dealt with a similar response from the opposite side. Halting of exports is a strategy by the Trump administration.

However, a foreign ministry spokesperson from China claims all such news circulating regarding forced labor are mere rumors from the western media.

Uighur Muslims have been subjected to worse forms of cruelties in Beijing, where a total of one million of them are detained over the past years. Thousands of innocent children are separated from their parents and women are forced to adopt birth control methods.

The past week Border Committee agency of the United States has claimed that will not stand any illegitimate and vicious practices of forced labor.

They further claimed that the Trump government acknowledges fundamental rights and holds a law of rule for its business activities. Such violent acts against feeble Muslims are intolerable.

This order was issued on Monday and was intended for four firms and one manufacturing site. Authorities believe this ban is distinct and is on a specific region so it needs to be studied from all angles before its implemented. They want to linger with it in the future as well

20% of the world’s cotton comes from China with Xinjiang being the center of production. Not only cotton but Xinjiang also manufactures large quantities of petrochemical and various other goods for the Chinese factories.

Recently, America’s entertainment industry Disney gained a lot of criticism due to shooting some parts of its upcoming film Mulan in Xinjiang. Similarly, various firms are facing a complete boycott because of circulating allegations.

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