Wuhan celebrates a huge water park music concert after the fear of the Covid-19 has disappeared. Wuhan is the city where it all started. The novel coronavirus firs appeared to transmit from bats to humans. This unthinkable mishap happened in the local market of Wuhan, China. Nobody had any idea that this virus was to infect approximately 20 million people around the world.

Since the emergence of the Coronavirus in December 2019 the Wuhan City had to face many difficulties including the world’s strictest lockdown. China also had to face allegation from the US like they have spread the coronavirus intentionally. There has also been a blame-game between China and the US.

But now as the fear of coronavirus has been vanished completely. Wuhan has not received any new Covid-19 case for a long. The dwellers of Wuhan gathered in a water park to enjoy the electronic music festival. The partygoers seemed to enjoy themselves as much as they had been doing before the lockdown and emergence of the novel coronavirus.

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Where countries like, US, India, and Brazil are still fighting coronavirus, Wuhan seems to move on from the disaster. Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park was teamed with the revelers without any masks and social distancing manifesting the freedom of human interaction again.

The partygoers were enjoying side by side. Some were waving their bodies on electronic music beat and some were busy bathing themselves in rubber tubes. The faces of the people at the party seemed relaxed.

The park has opened recently as Wuhan has no new coronavirus case since mid-May. According to the Hubei Daily, a newspaper, the park is receiving 15,000 daily visitors, especially on weekends. The park is also offering half-price tickets for some of the visitors.

On January 23, the official lockdown started in Wuhan. All the public transports were shut down. All major malls and shopping centers were sealed as the coronavirus cases were spreading like fires.

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