Apple moves its manufacturing to India, wants to reduce dependence on China


Apple used to manufacture some of its devices in China, but according to the latest information, it is expected to manufacture the iPhone 13 in India. The main reason is to reduce the US company’s dependence on China and also the fact that due to the closed Chinese factories, the production of Apple devices has also slowed down.

China is currently a technology powerhouse, producing a significant percentage of the world’s mobile phones, laptops and other devices. Unfortunately, it is also the country where COVID-19 originated and where we still see entire cities enclosed in strict lockdowns.

For this reason, too, the activities of some factories have been curtailed, which has noticeably reduced the quantity of products produced, and Western companies have in turn felt this significantly in their sales. Therefore, Apple decided to move its production of the new iPhone 13 to India. Another unverified reason may be the fear that China will side with Russia and ‘retaliate’ against Western companies for their sanctions.

Specifically, the iPhone 13 is to be manufactured at Foxconn in Sriperumbudur in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. Apple is thus systematically limiting Chinese influence on its production, which is why it chose India, which is the largest smartphone manufacturer after China.

According to preliminary reports, Apple is expected to assemble its iPads here in the future. The iPhone 13, however, is not the first model that Apple has had manufactured in China, as the iPhone SE was already manufactured here in 2017, making it the fourth model overall to come from the country.

Last year, Apple ranked third in the Chinese smartphone market with a 16 percent market share. Chinese brand Vivo topped the list with a 22 percent share, followed closely by another Chinese brand, Oppo.


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