Final clinical trials for the COVID-19 Vaccine by the university of oxford and AstraZeneca have temporarily held on hold after a volunteered showed an inimical reaction.

British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca which is working alongside Oxford University to develop a vaccine against a deadly virus called this pause as a ‘routine pause’ with the reaction as ‘an unexplained illness’

Among the major number of vaccines being developed globally, AstraZeneca is regarded as one of the strongest contenders as it completed its first two phases and was able to move into phase 3.

Phase 3 of the vaccine was carried out on more than 30,000 candidates globally from the US, UK, Brazil.

All the Covid-19 vaccine trials have been halted for a short span. Developers from Oxford University strongly believe in the fact that such events are likely to take place in between trials as there is no genuine cause involved and soon everything will resume back towards normal.

Donald Trump has urged for the availability of vaccines before the 3rd of November while on the other hand, some developers have pledged to lift medical standards in their quest of developing a vaccine.

World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed the fact that globally  180 vaccines are being tested to fight against the deadly virus but neither of them has entered clinical stages. None of the vaccines is believed to fulfill the entire safety guideline to enter the clinical phase yet.

Similar is the case with China and Russia although both countries are pouring their maximum efforts towards manufacturing a domestic vaccine but still lag in entering clinical phases

However, some of the authorities are considering approving the Covid-19 vaccine before it enters phase 3. US centers for disease control and prevention are thinking of completing some major requirements to make the potential vaccine available by November 1 that is two days prior to the presidential election.

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