The Chinese embassy in the United Kingdom has requested twitter to conduct an in-depth investigation after its ambassador official account liked a clip with adult content earlier this week.

All this caught attention when a 10-second adult-themed video was liked but not only this Liu Xiaoming account also liked posts written against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) which was concerning Uighurs being detained in appalling conditions

Later majority of tweets were disliked when screenshots started circulating all over the twitter by human rights campaigner based in London who initially flagged the tweet. It is believed that all this was carried out by anti china elements with a detestable intention to deceive the public.

These liked tweets included drone footage of Uighur Muslims taken into-concentration camps surviving in miserable conditions and claims of killing members of the Chinese public and how officials got away with it after paying hefty amounts.

However, earlier in interviews like with BBC Chinese officials denied all such allegations of holding people against their well.

Although Twitter is blocked and it was only in recent October Liu Xiaoming’s account was created but over the recent years, Chinese officials are using this as a means of communication outside the country.

It was further suggested that posts might have been liked by mistake as it is easier to select the heart shape icon but Chinese officials refuse to accept any of these.

Resultantly, Chinese embassy has urged Twitter to delve into the matter deeply while hoping the public will not fall for such rumors. Shortly after the embassy released their statements a tweet with a proverb was posted in this regard claiming that the ambassador is not bothered about being criticized.

Previously, Twitter had banned thousands of twitter accounts that were related to the QAnon movement. Twitter took strick actions to maintain the check and balance.

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