Alibaba founder Jack Ma claimed that fintech giant Ant Group dual listing will be the largest, according to the latest news by CNBC.

The listing price determined on Friday shows that it will be a historical moment for the group. Jack Ma commented on the initial public offering of the fintech giant Ant Group Saturday.

Jack also added that it is the biggest listing determined outside of New York. “We didn’t dare to think about it five years ago, or even three years ago. But a miracle just occurred,” founder Jack Ma said at the Bund Summit in the eastern financial hub of Shanghai.

Some Chinese regulators were present at the Summit where fintech giant Ant Group’s latest listing issue was discussed.

Fintech Giant Ant Group’s Dual Listing Created A Buzz

Ant Group is expecting a grand dual listing in Hong Kong and Shanghai in the coming weeks.

Recent sources showing that the listing will surpass Saudi Aramco’s $29.4 billion floats and might worth $35 billion.

A previous report by Businessner in July stated that Jack Ma’s IPO could be behind Alibaba and Saudi Aramco.

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Chinese Fintech Giant Ant Group Expecting World's Largest Listing
Alibaba Group started in Jack’s apartment in Hangzhou; File Photo

But this time he claimed that the IPO will break the previous estimations. The company was rebranded in 2014 from the original Alipay. Ant Group also has an interest in digital banking and applied for a license in Singapore.

The company also has an eye on the global markets for fintech services. Ant Group had an acquisition of WorldFirst, an international money transfer services provider in Britain.

British retailers are on a verge of accepting Alipay in the stores. Even the U.S authorities are considering Ant Group in the state department.

The Alipay brand under the Ant Group is one of the largest online payment platforms and money-market funds in the world.

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