CoolCola, Fancy and Street. The Russian company has launched imitations of the well-known brand


Russian firm Ochakovo has introduced a new range of soft drinks called CoolCola, Fancy and Street to replace the Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite brands after they withdrew from the Russian market following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, news site EconoTimes reported.

Bottles with labels in familiar colors have already appeared on the shelves and on the official website of the manufacturer.

It promises “authentic flavours” of popular drinks that “quench thirst and refresh perfectly”. CoolCola, Fancy and Street are meant to make up for the shortfall of original lemonades, which have been largely absent from the Russian market since March. That’s when The Coca-Cola Company announced it was leaving the country due to the invasion of Ukraine.

The company’s products are still available, albeit on a limited basis, but their prices have skyrocketed, by about 200 percent, The Moscow Times reports.

Ochakovo, which was founded in the Soviet Union in 1978, produces mostly traditional low-alcohol Russian beverages such as grain kvass and a honey drink called medovucha.

In addition, the CoolCola, orange-flavoured Fancy and lemon-lime-flavoured Street bottles are designed to resemble their global counterparts in appearance.

But the firm is not the only one hoping to cash in on Coca-Cola’s withdrawal from the Russian market. Slavda Group, based in Russia’s Far East, launched a drink called Grink Cola in April, and Syktyvkarpivo, in the northern Russian republic of Komi, introduced its Komi Cola brand of lemonade in May.

However, customers have complained that neither drink is sufficiently ‘sweet and fizzy’, and both have earned rather embarrassed reviews.

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