Top 5 Commercial Construction Trends for 2022


Despite all difficulties and negative factors, 2021 was a decent period for the building business. Those organizations that make a specialty out of construction projects had to perform projects despite the Delta-type and Omicron-type coronavirus pandemic.

The most result-driven contractors managed to find proper solutions. Trends for 2022 are influenced by the win-win approaches, comprehensive approaches, and results of 2021. For example, companies are willing to implement digital tools. Among them are simple building estimating software, management systems, communication channels, alternative data processing programs, AI-friendly CRMs, etc.

As can be seen before, the hot-topic trend for most trusted contractors who are interested in scaling up their construction business is digitalization and automation of most routine processes concerning building, management, bidding, and estimating. Besides this approach, there is a list of other trendy solutions to take into consideration.

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular trends in commercial construction for 2022. There are 5 of them that should not be left without attention. With the help of these win-win practices, today’s contractors can achieve more business goals, cut down expenditures, and increase their profits.

1 – Digitization & Automation

In 2022, the construction sector will use estimating, management, and bidding software more often. This way building business began to involve engineering and investing in it more actively to solve such problems as:

  • efficiency;
  • safety;
  • shortage of labor, etc.

Robots and drones will be used in a proper manner. They will carry out operations in hazardous locations and the tasks that previously required highly skilled employees. Drones will inspect work locations. Robots will lay bricks and paint walls. Different software will be integrated to visualize project details. VR simulators will be used to teach employees how to use the newest equipment.

2 – Logistics & Commodities Improvements

Commodities prices were rising last year. Up and down movement of costs for a great number of building supplies are believed to continue in 2022. Expenses for supplies are influenced by plenty of different factors – political, economic, and logistical. There is no doubt that each building company tends to find the best prices for the project. It will be a bit easier to do this in 2022.

3 – Better Job Site Security & Safe Construction Environment

A secure working place is traditionally a difficult aspect of the building business. Worker deaths are a major issue and a big tragedy. The building industry should always tend to decrease the amount of job site deaths to the minimum. Every company has to make safety a high priority.

4 – Improved Mental Health of Workers

The mental health of employees of construction firms should be centered on in 2022 too. It is important in any industry. Construction employees commonly deal with factors that may lead to high levels of depression.

There are emotional and physical stresses. Men are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol and commit suicide. Organizations show progress in supporting a healthier work environment. Mental illness impacts the building workforce. Mental health days can make it easier for construction workers to attend therapy

5 – 3D Printing Makes a Difference

3D printing is one more trend for 2022. A lot of quality applications for 3D printing have been created recently, in accordance with a great demand for efficient construction solutions. 3D printers can print even asphalt and other objects according to the required templates and drafts nowadays.

These construction industry trends for 2022 are bringing the building into the future with more developed high-quality projects, safer working conditions, and up-to-date design tools. Note that most hot-topic approaches are digitization, automation, and implementation of new safety standards of job site processes.

Additionally, 3D printing and improved communication backgrounds can make a difference in your successful performance as the construction market player. Keep track of trends not to miss any burning novelty for your result and profit-driven business built on high-tech and smart solutions.

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