Donald Trump
Donald Trump

The US president, Donald Trump, had to face a strong retaliation by the military lovers on his negative remakes about the war dead.

It is reported by Atlantic Magazine that Donald Trump has allegedly called the US war dead ‘Suckers’ and ‘Losers’. This news is not only confirmed by Associated Media but also by Fox News.

The president, Mr Trump, has refused to admit that he had made any negative remarks on the US military.

Veterans are also included in the pack who is panning Trump on making these remarks.

Political Action Committee, VoteVets, posted a video covering the people who had lost their loved ones in the war. One of the people was heard saying Donald Trump did not know the meaning of sacrifice.

Founder and Director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Mr Paul Rieckhoff condemned the remarks in a tweet saying nobody was surprised on hearing that Trump made hateful remarks.

Social analysts have warned Mr Trump and said that his remarks against the US war dead can be harmful to gaining votes as he claimed to be the president again in the upcoming election.

Atlantic Magazine revealed that Donald Trump had cancelled a trip to the US military base outside the Paris saying the place was filled with losers.

The magazine sources told the media that he cancelled the visit because he did not want to dishevel his hair in the rain, and he did not believe to honour the war dead.

Joe Biden, candidate for the presidency in the upcoming election, told the public that his competitor is not fit for the post.

Donald Trump clearly denied that he had made negative remarks. He strengthened his claim by saying that he had raised the budget for the US military and also increased the pays for the US soldiers.

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