French Academy: New Sars-Cov2 Strains May Have Emerged From Vaccination


The French press seems to be pretty “woke” lately, asking awkward questions that could shed light on the plandemic that has terrorized the world.

Is there a link between vaccines and the latest “mutant virus strains”?

The press release of the Academy of Medicine says it is possible, and some facts are truly disturbing. In addition, field data seem to confirm this hypothesis: the AstraZeneca vaccine has been tested for phase 3 in three countries: 2 series in England, one in South Africa and one in Brazil. Exactly in these 3 countries, the mutant N501Y also appeared, which has a spike protein modified to make its entry into human cells easier, hence the higher contagiousness.

Coincidence or not? We don’t know, but maybe we should look at this very carefuly. The vaccine was then tested in the United States and Japan, which are countries to be closely monitored in the future.

Meanwhile, the Sars-Cov-2 family is “delighted” to announce the birth of the youngest mutant: E484K. May it be the end result of  testing another vaccine? Moderna, Sputnik? Who knows.

It is becoming increasingly clear that we cannot put our lives in the hands of these vaccines.

Chris Black
Chris Black
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