Nicolas Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy had been accused of bribing a judge in 2014 because of which he had to suspend his seat of the French presidency. He could have secured his position, status and respect in return for providing inside information about a separate case.

Sarkozy is going to be the first French president who has been sentenced to be kept in custody.

Sarkozy’s lawyer was confident about his containment in the jail as he stated that he would be free during the case which can take years to reach a justified conclusion.

In response to his lawyer statement, the ruling judge, Christine Mée, of the conservative party got upset and said that Sarkozy knew that he was not doing the right thing. He also added that his lawyer’s statement had left an awful impression of justice in the eyes of the public.

Sixty-six years old Sarkozy has committed the crimes which are referred to as influence-peddling and disobeying the laws to professional secrecy. Influence-peddling is when someone in power uses his power and authority to bribe someone and take unfair advantages in the form of money or similar favours. Similarly, professional secrecy refers to keeping the classified information intact while on duty.

The only president apart from Sarkozy is his predecessor and late Jacques Chirac. He was suspended for creating fake jobs for the people he knew.

However, if things do not fall in the favour of Sarkozy and his appeal got refused by the court, he will be living in his home with an electric tag. It is highly unlikely that he will remain in jail for a year or so.

Nicolas Sarkozy has completed his five-year tenure as a president in 2007. He had made policies in order to uplift the country’s economy during the financial crisis.

His political and non-political opponents call him “Bling-Bling” because of his cocky and celebrity-like style.

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