The researchers also estimated that even if suitable measures were taken to prevent an increase in global plastic pollution, there would be 710 million additional tons of plastic waste on the earth.

The research report was published in the journal Science

Dr. Costas Veils from the University of Leeds, England, had profound remarks on the report. He said that although the estimation and prediction were not so reliable, yet we can have an idea about the alarming increase in global plastic pollution and take the appropriate steps to “stem the tide”. The amount of pollution can be imagined by lying all the plastic waste on an even surface and it would probably cover the U.K 1.5 times.

The researchers calculated the growth in plastic pollution for the next 20 years by considering some parameters unchanged. For example, to study the growth rate they assumed that there would be no change in the waste management policy and no serious actions would be taken. They gathered the data by dividing the countries and plastic pollution in subgroups. This is the first comprehensive research report that assesses the growth of global plastic pollution for the coming 20 years.

Dr. Veils admired the non-official waste pickers and garbage collectors. He said there had to be proper policies to make their work safe.

“Waste pickers are the unsung heroes of recycling – without whom the mass of plastic entering the aquatic environment would be considerably greater”, Dr. Velis.

Researchers have suggested 5 R’s Policy to cope up with global plastic pollution.

  1. Reduce overall plastic usage individually.
  2. Reuse the plastic utensils if possible.
  3. Refuse the use of plastic straws, cups, and bottles as much as possible.
  4. Remove plastic garbage from parks, roads, and fields on the individual level.
  5. Recycle plastic if no longer needed in DIY style.

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