Mali’s President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta resigned on Tuesday. The whole incident happened after the soldiers had retained him.

In A television address, he has also announced to dissolve the parliament. He elaborated that he had not wanted the blood-shed as the cost of his being in power.

A few hours later, both Mali’s President and Prime minister were taken to the army base near the capital city of the country, Bamako. They were condemned by not only the local and regional powers but also by France.

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Mali’s president revealed his intention about being in the power by saying that he had not wanted to be in power that cost blood-shed. He had no choice but to leave the presidency.

The series of event began on Tuesday. The mutinying soldiers started firing in the streets of Kati. Kati is a small town near the capital city, Bamako. Tanks and armed army vehicles were wandering about in the streets.

The army personnel later held both the president of Mali as well as the prime minister. Some other government officials were also arrested during the process.

The huge crowd of protesters were also there to express their dissatisfaction from the government. One of the protester said that he was there to help his army as the Mr. Keïta could no longer handle the country.

Another protesters said that the country has been paralyzed by the government and he no longer wanted the government.

Moussa Faki Mahamat, the chairman of the African Union said in a tweet that he condemned the detention of Mali’s President and Prime minister as well as other government officials.

Opposition protesters also claimed and wanted the departure of the president. They blamed the president for destroying the country’s economy intestinally. That is why they wanted him to resign. The whole incident took a week with a gradual increase in the intensity of the protest and political crisis.

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