Medical Journal Calls for Mandatory Covid-19 Vaccine


According to a paper published on Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine, governments world-wide should mandate the covid-19 vaccine for everyone, provided voluntary measures are tried first and fail.

The writers of the “study” seem to acknowledge that voluntary measures should be tried first, even if an effective covid-19 vaccine does not exist just yet, and approximately half of the adult population in the United States is not willing to submit to an experimental vaccine.

The scientific paper encourages governments to enforce vaccine compliance with mandates and penalties for those non-conforming. The paper even outlines strategies for mitigating and circumventing fears over the safety of a novel, untested and rushed to market vaccine.

As per the paper, the target population should be tested with voluntary vaccine trials, then, if it doesn’t comply within the trial period, the vaccine should be made mandatory, with harsh penalties for those refusing to submit.

The paper mentions 6 substantive criteria that must be met before the state forces the covid-19 vaccine on people; certain population groups must be considered for a vaccination mandate at first, with high risk groups being given priority.

The high risk groups consist of active duty military service members, health professionals working with high risk patients or in high risk situations, the elderly, and persons with certain medical conditions.

It’s interesting that the paper suggests heavy penalties on non-conforming “subjects”, but not for the governments to try passing a law requiring citizens to get forcibly vaccinated. People who refuse to take the jab should be threatened with stay at home orders and employment suspension, yet criminal charges are not preferred as per the paper, as they take disadvantage of the poor, and it may lead to the vaccination mandate to get challenged in courts. Moreover, the study says that they “may stoke distrust without improving uptake”

Non high risk groups should be encouraged to take the vaccine voluntarily via free vaccination ads and public education campaigns. As per a Yale university study conducted in July, messaging strategies for promoting mass covid-19 vaccination must include economic benefit, guilt, embarrassment, trust in science, and finally, community benefit.

It’s worth mentioning that the paper was authored by scientists from Stanford University, Yale and Indiana University, all of which have received funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Photo Credit: © Reuters / Dado Ruvic

Chris Black
Chris Black
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