Mental contrasting is an efficient technique to plan to achieve your goals without losing the gist of the reality and its problems.

The fast growing world has brought fast growing wishes and desires with it. Today’s generation has indulged in daydreaming and achieving more than their capability. Social media has also great impact on shaping the day to day life of today’s generation and goal setting.

Teen agers and even younger people have huge goal setting as compared to the past. They end up having so many goals that cannot be achieved in one life. So, they end up influenced by the social media motivational speakers and tend to plan too much about their future.

The study shows that there are two major mindset of the people. One is to be pessimist and plan everything assuming that everything in the future would go against them. The other one is being so much positive and optimistic that there is hardly any practical execution of the plan.

The researchers say that positive thinking often lead to paralysis of the brain to actually execute the planned tasks. The people with positive thinking end up forgetting the difference between the positive fancy and reality. They start to live their fantasy and imaginary positive world without doing anything that can lead them to achieve actual goals. Hence, zero execution takes birth.

A research shows a simple technique – mental contrasting – that can change all your daydreams into realities. Mental contrasting is a behavioral change technique to achieve a desirable change in one’s behavior. In this technique, you have to imagine your goals optimistically and then compare it with the real world problems that you have to face to achieve that goal.

In this manner, the brain tends to work completely different and the altitude of your actions and consistence become your habit. The planning gets improved. The execution become easy. The results and expectations do not exceed your capability. You do not end up frustrated and exhausted. In addition to mental contrasting, therapy may be beneficial to help improve mental processes. You can even find therapists to counsel you online, such as the ones listed in this article:

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