Are We Moving Towards an Eco-Friendly Credit Card Lifestyle?

Cutting down 62 billion PVC plastic payment card production can be an effective move towards an eco-friendly lifestyle.


Debit card and Credit card providers are joining the eco-friendly card production movement to replace the traditional plastic cards.

MasterCard, one of the largest credit card providers in the world decided to go green, announced by the company last month. The company is launching its first eco-friendly credit card- sustainable credit cards.

MasterCard stated that these cards will be recyclable, bio-sourced, chlorine-free, and ocean safe. It can be good news for the world which is already suffering from various man-made calamities globally.

At present, card producers use PVC plastic to manufacture the debit and credit cards we use every day. These cards are not biodegradable. Hence, the plastic can harm our nature in many ways.

Already, nature protection communities around the world showed their concerns about the plastic cards which retain its form for decades.

Billions of Credit Card Produced Globally Each Year

The number of plastic cards produced each year can be alarming for us. The global payment card production number is around 6 billion each year, according to Euronews. On the other hand, UK residents alone ordered 62 million credit cards in July 2019.

mastercard eco-friendly card
Mastercard, a global pioneer in payment innovation is offering eco-friendly credit cards

MasterCard estimated that around 5.7 million tons of plastic cards are wasted in landfills collectively in the last few years. If the numbers keep adding each year soon we will face powerful calamities shaking our world.

Transforming to an Eco-Friendly Credit Card Lifestyle

The recent global warming and pandemic situation left us no way but to accept eco-friendly solutions to the services we use every day. For example, global payment solution providers are already considering making bio-sourced cards.

As the world saw coronavirus spreading quickly in a matter of months, MasterCard wants to incorporate eco-friendly solutions for our lifestyle. They will offer new sustainable cards in dozens of countries very soon.

“Our goal is simple: we want to help banks offer more eco-friendly cards to consumers, and we are taking concrete steps to bring about that change,” says Ajay Bhalla, president of Cyber & Intelligence at Mastercard. “This way, everyone benefits – it’s better for the environment, it’s better for business and it meets evolving consumer needs.”

Previously, the New York-based MasterCard Inc reported billions of PVC cards produced for the customers. Finally, they are joining the cause to save humanity from hazardous plastic products.

Visa, another major payment solution announced its plan to produce recycled cards for its users. They are thinking about a collaboration with CPI Card Group to make 98% upcycled plastic cards.

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