Pay By Face System Released in California City


As per a report via a Fox affiliate, a tech firm released a pay-by-face system in Pasadena, California. According to PopID, the company has helped dozens of restaurants and retailers in Pasadena so far by establishing North America’s first dense face-pay network.

Using this face recognition technology, your “million dollar smile” should be able to help you spend some of your hard earned cash, i.e. this is yet another contactless technology employed to allow people hands free payments at restaurants, kiosks, drive-thru’s or anywhere where a hand held device with a screen is available as a method of payment.

As soon as the customer face is recognized by PopID’s system, funds are automatically transferred from the customer’s account and a message is sent to confirm the transaction. The new cashless/contactless system is aimed at helping with social distancing, or something along these lines, especially with the Coronavirus extravaganza changing the way many people do business.

People with PopID accounts can also benefit from business loyalty programs; moreover, the company behind PopID also developed PopEntry technology, which can be used for workers to “check-in” using their face at their jobs, or for students as they enter campus facilities. Temperature scanners are also available on PopEntry devices, as a health safety screening measure.

As per PopID’s CEO John Miller’s own words:

“In each new city we enter, we initially focus on installing PopEntry systems in the workplace and on local college campuses. As these communities grow comfortable using PopID to check in, we enlist area restaurants and retailers to offer PopPay for transactions.”

According to the company, PopID’s facial recognition system is opt-in only, as in they are not trying to read faces of other people not using it. Currently, this technology is available at a cluster of businesses in Pasadena, California, but according to the company, the business is going to expand “dense networks” on a city-by-city rollout.


Chris Black
Chris Black
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