Shocking Footage From Ukraine Depicting Nazis Torturing Civilians and Prisoners of War


Ukraine is not the country you see depicted by the mainstream media.

The Zelensky regime is a thug regime and they’ve unleashed a wave of murderous and torturous criminals upon their own population.

Keep in mind that approximately half of Ukraine is ethnic Russian, and the Kiev regime persecuted, tortured, maimed and murdered ethnic Russians since 2014.

Now it’s way worse. There are hundreds of these videos on Telegram channels.

This is why Putin calls for the denazification of Ukraine.

He’s not crazy, but the controlled mainstream media will never show you these images.

Go watch it and spread the word while this is still up on Twitter.

Some of the footage is shocking.

To summarize it, random civilians,  as well as the military and various neo nazi elements are currently declaring people who refuse to be conscripted or speak Russian in public as traitors, and they are torturing them and publicly humiliating them.

So called looters are probably starving people stealing food.

Truth be told, this doesn’t really look like a healthy/open society, but hey, what do I know?



These are “our values”?

I mean, come on, man! To quote from the alleged president Joe Brandon.

This is happening because the society has devolved and the population turned against itself, due to retarded propaganda demonizing Russia, and they probably  know that this war is futile, as the Zelensky regime funded by NATO/USA refuses to reach a diplomatic solution, while claiming to beat the Russian military on Twitter in something akin to a Marvel movie type fantastical battle.

Ukraine is one of the poorest countries in the world after 8 years of “democracy”, since they removed the pro Russian regime back in 2014 via a CIA coup, and it’s going to get much worse.

Chris Black
Chris Black
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