According to police books that were stolen from a warehouse in London valued at €2.5million have been discovered from a rural house in Romania.

The books contain the first edition writings of Newton and Galileo. These were stolen by thieves in January 2017 who came inside a rare house by breaking apart the roof in Feltham near Heathrow airport.

They belong to a crime gang in Romania. As per the London police, these men have been indulged in high valued warehouse robberies all across the UK. They left their vehicle near the house after washing off the evidence with bleach.

Thieves carried out a five-hour operation for their quest and left behind an abandoned car.

Some of the group members of this crime gang were caught after their DNA sample was collected from the dashboard of the abandoned car. Books were recovered by the police while carrying a search operation in northern, eastern Romania on Wednesday.

Similar raids were carried out at 45 different addresses across UK , Romania, Italy, June 2019. Thirteen men have been arrested in this regard out of which twelve are already proven guilty.

The pile contained distinct versions of Dante and sketches by the Spanish painter Francisco de Goya, along with valuable workings of Galileo and Newton from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Metropolitan police claimed they hold a great historical heritage and are extremely valuable. These are not mere books but are prestigious possessions that cannot be replaced.

They were being prepared for a special auction in LA and were stolen while being stored in a special warehouse.

Investigators believe that some of the Romanian gang disposes members at various spots across the UK to carry out heists. After their successful attempt, they flew off the country by making use of different travel methods. This crime gang might be linked to eminent Romanian crime families that belong to the Clamparu crime party.

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